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Dog Trainer Rangiora

My Story

I’ve always had a passion for dogs and dog behaviour although I didn’t have my own until my teens. Since then, I have owned and/or helped raise a variety of dogs including Jack Russell mixes, Blue Heeler’s, Border Collie mixes, Labrador/Bull Terrier mixes, Rottweiler mixes and working line Rottweilers.


In 1996 Janice Kirk began Tevra Dog Training for dogs privately and then establishing a business amassing an excellent nation-wide reputation for well-trained dogs both domestic and competitive.  I joined Janice’s classes in 2007 and, under Janice’s guidance soon began instructing in various classes. Since then, I’ve worked with a large variety of breeds from small to large in the Tevra way and continue to expand my knowledge all the time through attending seminars and Obedience shows.


In 2014 I was privileged to be selected for the Southern Region Obedience team at the National Dog Obedience Assembly with my Rottweiler X Keisha, helping to win the Inter-Region Cup, and again in 2015 with my Rottweiler Dexter Force of Kauriland.


Currently I’m the Head Domestic Instructor at the North Canterbury Dog Training Club acting as advisor and programme consultant to eight instructors and up to forty dogs.


My Aims:


After a total of over 40 years of training dogs, Janice has retired and entrusted me to carry on the good name of Tevra Dog Training. I intend to continue building onto its good reputation under the name Tevra Dog Training 2022.



At Tevra, I personally supervise each member of my Team (who have all gone through the Tevra system with their own dogs) as they work with the dogs and handlers. We use easy to understand methods that are adjusted to suit not only the temperament of the dog and handler but also their living arrangements.  Dogs of all ages and abilities are trained and all members of the household are encouraged to attend training sessions to build consistency.


Training is available on an individual or group basis. To find out more, please contact me on 022 071 8065 or email



My Team and I look forward to a continuing relationship with you and your dog.


Puppy Help North Canterbury

Learn more about k9's & Kritters

Aside from taking over the running of Tevra Dog Training I also run K9's and Kritters with my partner Andria.  K9's and Kritters are there to help you with your pets when you cant.



Please get in touch with Steve at Tevra if your wanting to know which service suits you best.

022 071 8065

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