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Tevra Training

All training begins with an initial one on one consult with Steve where he can address your specific situation/problems. Following this you may wish to join our Canine Good Basics class to build on what you have already learnt

Training Classes are held in both Christchurch and North Canterbury

Puppy Training

The new puppy, lovely, cuddly, sweet - until the piddling on the carpet, the chewing of furniture and shoes, the whining in the night and so on!!

What’s that? “Not my pup, I’d never let that happen”?

The reality is that unless this is addressed from the start it can, and probably will, happen with any pup!!

So why not learn how to prevent it by attending our Puppy Classes? We can even help you find the right puppy for you and your family, supply gear reasonably priced so you are prepared for when puppy arrives.

We start with a one-on-one session, then if you wish you can graduate to our Pet Dog Manners Class, which will help you to teach your pup the basics of social and acceptable behaviour.



Our sessions are held in safe and secure surroundings which encourage the pups to explore and extend themselves.

Canine Good Basics

The objectives of these classes are to have fun with your dog while creating an environment where the dog wants to listen to and be with you because you are more interesting than anything else around.

 Your time in these classes will continue until we have achieved the desired results and from there you can go on to one of our other dog sports.


Within these classes you will also get the opportunity to try some of the other disciplines once we have achieved basic control of your dogs.

Dalmatian Dog

Canine Good Citizen™

The purpose of the Canine Good Citizen™ is to ensure our favourite companion, the dog, can be a respected member of the community because it is trained and conditioned to act with good manners in the home, in public, and in the presence of other dogs.

For more detailed information go to

Pet Dog Manners
Canine Good Citizen


A handler and dog negotiate a numbered course of around 15 "stations". At each station there is a sign indicating an obedience-based exercise that they must perform.


Exercises include combinations of turns, finishes, changes of position, heeling around cones, stays and jumps. The courses change with each class so it's a continual challenge! Rally-O is heelwork based but the requirement to perform a different exercise every few metres keeps the team on its toes.


It does not require the same level of precision as Obedience, the emphasis being more on teamwork and having fun!!

Rally web.jpg
Pet Dog Manners
Training a Puppy


Walk and Train

Tevra will be offering a new service in 2024 called "Walk and Train"

Check back for updates

Canine Good Citizen
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